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Question: What American Revolutionary War general was called the Swamp Fox?
Answer: Called “the Swamp Fox,” Francis Marion was one of the greatest heroes of the American Revolution. He waged guerrilla war in South Carolina against the British.
Question: Which of these figures in the American Revolution was not born on January 1?
Answer: Ross, Revere, and Wayne shared a New Year’s Day birthday. Revolutionary War leader George Washington was born on February 22.
Question: What treaty ended the war of the American Revolution?
Answer: The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783, in France. The treaty recognized the United States as an independent nation.
Question: What was the first major American victory in the Revolutionary War?
Answer: The Battle of Saratoga, fought in 1777, concluded in the first major American victory following several defeats during the Revolutionary War.
Question: Which intellectual movement is associated with the American Revolution?
Answer: The American Revolution was greatly influenced by the thinkers of the Enlightenment, such as John Locke.
Question: What animal appears on the Revolutionary War flag with the legend "Don’t tread on me"?
Answer: A flag popular during the American Revolution depicted a rattlesnake with the legend "Don’t tread on me."
Question: What are the leaders of the American Revolution called?
Answer: The leaders of the American Revolution are known as the Founding Fathers.
Question: Which of these was a figure in the American Revolution?
Answer: Patrick Henry was an early American patriot who helped shape the first government of the United States.
Betsy Ross Flag

The American Revolution

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The American Revolution
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