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Question: Sherlock Holmes often said "Elementary, my dear Watson."
Answer: Although Sherlock Holmes rebuffs praise, declaring his abilities to be “elementary,” the oft-quoted phrase “Elementary, my dear Watson,” never actually appears in Arthur Conan Doyle’s writings.
Question: Sherlock Holmes lived in London.
Answer: The fictitious detective lived in London, at 221B, Baker Street. Holmes is fictional, but Baker Street is real.
Question: The first Sherlock Holmes story was "The Hound of the Baskervilles."
Answer: The first Sherlock Holmes story was "A Study in Scarlet." Its author, Arthur Conan Doyle, completed it in 1887.
Question: Sherlock Holmes was modeled on a real person.
Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle modeled his detective on the methods and mannerisms of his former teacher in medical school, Dr. Joseph Bell of Edinburgh.
Question: Sherlock Holmes is the narrator of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
Answer: His partner and best friend, Dr. John H. Watson, is the genial but slightly obtuse narrator of the Sherlock Holmes stories.
Question: Sherlock Holmes’s chief foe is The Riddler.
Answer: Holmes’s most formidable opponent is the criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty.
The Adventure of Silver Blaze. 'Holmes gave me a sketch of the events'. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on train to Devon to investigate murder and disappearance of a famous racehorse. Arthur Conan Doyle story published in The Strand Magazine, London, 1892

Sherlock Holmes: Fact or Fiction?

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Sherlock Holmes: Fact or Fiction?
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