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Question: Little rice is grown in the Mekong Delta.
Answer: The Mekong River carries huge quantities of mud, and this has formed a huge delta at its mouth. The Mekong Delta is one of the world’s great producers of rice.
Question: No Asian country is landlocked.
Answer: Several Asian nations have no outlet to the ocean. The largest of them are Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
Question: Singapore is nicknamed "the city of brotherly love."
Answer: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is nicknamed "the city of brotherly love." Singapore is known as the Garden City for its many parks and tree-lined streets.
Question: Taiwan’s economy is based on agriculture.
Answer: Taiwan’s economy is now largely based on manufacturing, trade, and finance and other services. Agriculture contributes to only about 2 percent of Taiwan’s income.
Question: The coldest continent is Asia.
Answer: Antarctica is the coldest continent. The world’s record low temperature (–89.2 degrees) was recorded in this region. The average annual temperature in the interiors is –57 degrees.
Question: The Philippines are made up of five islands.
Answer: The Republic of the Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia. It consists of some 7,100 islands in the western Pacific Ocean.
Question: Jakarta lies south of the Equator.
Answer: Much of Indonesia lies north of Earth’s equatorial line, but the island of Java, where the capital, Jakarta, lies, falls to the south.
Question: Many Hungarians are of Asian ancestry.
Answer: The Magyar people came into Hungary from what is now Central Asia in the 10th century CE. Their language is related to Finnish and Turkish.
Question: The first university in Vietnam was in Hanoi.
Answer: Hanoi’s Van Mieu, or the Temple of Literature, is a temple built about 1070. It was home to the first university in Vietnam.
Question: The largest continent is Asia.
Answer: Asia is about 19,189,300 square miles (49,700,000 square kilometers) in area. It is by far the largest continent. Some geographers merge Europe and Asia as Eurasia, making it larger still.
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