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Question: Which of the following is present in the Nicene Creed as recited in Roman Catholic and Protestant churches but not in Eastern Orthodox churches?
Answer: Roman Catholic and Protestant churches recite the Creed with the statement that the Holy Spirit “proceeds from The Father and also The Son [Filioque in Latin].”
Question: Which of the following Apostles was the only one who did not know Jesus during his ministry and before his Crucifixion?
Answer: Paul was a later convert to Christianity.
Question: Which of the following churches is a member of the Oriental Orthodox communion?
Answer: This church and the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, and the Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church, constitute a loose fellowship of churches that broke communion with the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches following the Council of Chalcedon in 451.
Question: Which of the following American Protestant denominations elected its first African-American leader in 2012?
Answer: Fred Luter Jr. was elected president of the SBC in 2012.
Question: Which of the following was the first to adopt Christianity as its national religion?
Answer: Armenia made Christianity its national religion c. 300.
Question: Which of the following is the term for the process by which the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic Mass?
Answer: The process by which bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ is called transubstantiation.
Question: Which of the following bishops was anathematized by the Council of Nicea in 325 for his teaching that the three persons of the Trinity were not of the same substance?
Answer: Arius’s teaching that the Son and the Holy Spirit were of separate substances from and thus subordinate to God the Father was contrary to the Orthodox view that all persons were of the same substance (ousia).
Question: Which of the following philosophical concepts suggesting both “Word” and “cosmic order” was associated with Jesus Christ?
Answer: The Greek term logos (“word,” “reason,” “logic”) had been used at least since the 4th century BCE by the philosopher Heraclitus in reference to a cosmic order and was also associated with human reason and with speech. The opening of the Gospel According to John identifies Jesus with “The Word” (logos) that both was with God and was God and brought creation into being.
Question: Which of the following leaders of the Protestant Reformation taught of double predestination (that God had made up his mind from all time who would be damned and who would be saved in order both to glorify his creation and reprobate the wicked)?
Answer: John Calvin taught of double predestination.
Question: Which event is referred to as the Parousia?
Answer: The Second Coming is referred to as Parousia.
Holy week. Easter. Valladolid. Procession of Nazarenos carry a cross during the Semana Santa (Holy week before Easter) in Valladolid, Spain. Good Friday

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